Latest work

Jem Bendell &Toni Spencer, Bristol 2018

Jem Bendell Talk in Bristol 2018

Totnes live cairn 2018

A Ceremony for the extinct species, created by Souland

Nu Frame promo 2018

Our Promo video 2018

Innersense Katz Cawley 2019

Promotional video for Katz Cowley 2019

New Lion brewery, shares video

short video for Lion Brewery

Encounters art -Chrysalis project

Chrysalis project, Encounters art

From what if to What is (Rob Hopkins new book)

Rob Hopkins Latest Book "From what if to what is" promotional video

Dart moor

Video exploration on a rainy and Foggy day in Dartmoor

ART on the EXE

Artists Tania Kovats and Anne-Marie Culhane working with the concept of the flood on the river Ex, Exter.

Chrysalis project promo

Promo video to explain Chrysalis a new and exciting project run by Encounters.

How to make Friends with anxiety

Small animation for Speaking adventure

Engage Shamanism

Promo video for the first online course by Susannah and Yaacov Darling Khan, founders of the Movement medicine.